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Our trainers work with your employees to facilitate and support your cultural transformation through

innovative content 

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Our training programs are based on an innovative skills framework, based on social neuroscience. Thanks to hybrid or "blended" micro-learning methods, Anemo facilitates the development of employees' skills on the issues of diversity and inclusion.

Our conviction is that only a "blended" training course integrating social neurosciences, field expertise and gamified / playful content can truly make an impression.

100% face-to-face 

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Our collectives allow managers, HR, employees, etc. to take ownership of the challenges of managing diversity and inclusion. From awareness-raising workshops to non-formal interventions, our educational palette adapts to your audiences and needs.

100% digital 

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Distance classes and e-learning, synchronous and asynchronous, gamification, obstacle games… digital learning facilitates the development of skills through innovative educational experiences.


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Blended learning makes it possible to adapt training to the professional reality of each organization. Thanks to this learning modality which combines e-learning and face-to-face, the possibilities of interaction increase and the commitment of the learners is optimized. 

Eligible training organization
CPF and Qualioppi.

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