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What is Cultural Intelligence or CQ?

Cultural intelligence or "CQ" refers to the ability to interact effectively with people from different cultural groups. A major strategic issue of the 21st century according to the Harvard Business Review, the QC of an organization can grow thanks to the development of the intercultural skills of the teams.

Why develop intercultural skills?

Intercultural skills contribute to better communication and collaboration of multicultural teams (age, gender, nationality, professional culture, etc.). A culturally intelligent organization is more flexible in its internal management and thus becomes more resilient, more efficient and more inclusive. 

How can blended micro-learning accelerate my organization's cultural transformation?

By offering a learning experience that combines remote and face-to-face learning, blended learning is an educational solution to increase learner engagement. With this approach, becoming a culturally intelligent organization is easier than ever.   

Customer Feedback

"Very well illustrated and animated training, making it possible to clarify complex sociological, even political, concepts."

"Excellent performance, well balanced in terms of timing and content"

"The method used is very good and very effective for learning, exchanging and being more interested in others"

"I really liked the training. The trainer was very clear." 

"Very good academic framework to start building a practical course" 

"Very good! It was very easy to watch it on youtube, the content was so interesting that it was like I had been to the real training." 

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