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Why Anemo?

Anemo takes a new look at the management of diversity and inclusion. We support the transformation of organizations by taking into account the cultural dimension. For more than 10 years, research in social neuroscience has shown how cultural intelligence can have a positive impact on the culture of an organization by facilitating trust, integration and team spirit.  


With cultural intelligence, teams learn to manage all forms of cultural diversity, including sexual orientation, socio-economic and/or religious diversity. Anemo offers a set of educational tools and solutions that will allow you to develop a fundamental skill for your organization: cultural intelligence. 

In order to extract the potential of cultural and cognitive diversity within organizations, Anemo offers hybrid micro-learning solutions to develop transversal, cognitive and behavioral skills through a flexible and individualized approach.


Age, professional culture, gender, disability, ethnic origin, nationality, sexual orientation, religion…   The strength of cultural intelligence lies in transversality.

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