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Our coaching solutions are based on a European diversity management model. Learn how to negotiate and manage a multicultural team using the 3C method.

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The diversification of human resources and methods of collaboration makes skills in managing multicultural teams   more and more essential for supervisors and managers.

The absence of a clear frame of reference to identify and deal with dysfunctions that may emerge within heterogeneous teams can have very negative consequences for the organization.

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Thanks to the 3C method, managers   learn to:


Through activities designed within the framework of collaborations at European level, Anemo offers you a hybrid coaching course that allows managers to become real managers of multicultural teams.


Our application meets the needs

at any moment ! Learners can interact directly with our coaches. Messaging via the application allows greater responsiveness and individualized follow-up.


Thanks to Anemo's cultural intelligence tests, you will be able to quickly identify the skills and aptitudes of your employees in order to assess their development and facilitate the internal mobility of talents.

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