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Cultural Intelligence
at the service of your organization

Anemo is a firm specializing in cultural intelligence or "CQ". 


We develop innovative training solutions to transform the diversity of teams into a lever of performance and commitment for organizations.

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Our services

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Our coaching solutions are based on a European diversity management model. Learn how to negotiate and manage a multicultural team using the 3C method.


Our experts support you in putting cultural intelligence at the service of your challenges and issues (cultural transformation, employer brand, talent retention, etc.).

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Join our training courses to extract the full potential of your organization's cultural diversity and learn how to work effectively in an intercultural context.


Why Anemo?

More than ever, it is essential to work for greater cohesion within organisations. Our approach allows us to go beyond moralizing and/or miserable positions. 

By structuring our offer around the development of cultural intelligence, we offer a renewed vision of the issues related to diversity and inclusion. 

We take into account the singularities of the teams with which we work through tailor-made training modules to transform cultural diversity into a unifying resource.

Discover cultural intelligence

By defining the ability to manage cultural diversity as an intelligence, we seek to go beyond international management and/or culturalist approaches which tend to categorize individuals according to their affiliations (supposed or real) to cultural groups. . 

Reveal the potential of diversity

Create an inclusive organizational culture and recruit more easily

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Discover the cultural profile of your employees and increase engagement

Manage the diversity of your teams and improve your employer brand

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They trust us

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